¿Los precios son por locación?

Written by EricLast update 2 years ago

Our pricing plans are one of the most competitive ones in the market (you can search around - sometimes pricing aren't even published on our competitors websites).

So, here is how they work. 

  1. All our pricing is published on our website, we also have some enterprise custom pricing - drop us an email to [email protected] if interested.
  2. Our pricing is per location, per month. You can have unlimited Access Points (we only limit the number of connections per location). 

Te reasoning behind the second point is: The same building could use 1 AP if there are no walls in the building, but, a building full of walls would have to use at least 3 APs (short for wifi access points). The building can host the same amount of guests theoretically, why should one building pay more for the same amount of guests?


  3. The connection limit will only make the guests go through a custom landing (with your logo) but no data will be captured. This means, you will not collect new guests information and you will not show them any other survey or banner when trying to connect. They will still be able to use the internet. 

 4.  The Starter Plan will only let you have 1 location (you won't be able to add more locations even if you pay two times the starter plan cost). 

 5. All the plans, except for the Starter Plan, allows you to add more locations (increasing the number of subscriptions).

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