Add a new Access Point

How to add a new access point to your account.

Written by EricLast update 2 years ago

Add your new access point fast and easy. 

This article considers:

1. You already have a Brand created

2. You already have a Location created on your account.


1. Login into your Aiwifi account. 

2. Select the brand you'll be adding the AP,  on the top Right corner.

3. On the left menu, select Locations

4. On the tabs, select Access Points and click on the Add button on the top right of the section

5. On the first field, select the location or start typing to find the location where the AP will be located. 

6. Type a name for the access point (this is only for internal use - use a name to identify the location of that AP inside your location)

7. Select the Access Point brand and type in the MAC address of your Access Point (the input formats the MAC address accordingly. 

8. Click on SAVE to save your changes. 

9. You should be able to see your captive portal if your access point is configured to point to Aiwifi.

If your Access Point or router brand is not shown, please email and let us know the brand and model of your AP. 

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