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Stacking options.

Written by EricLast update 2 years ago

Here is a simple table of our offer for our great Sumo-lings:

1 Code:

  • 10 administrators

  • 3 locations*

  • Unlimited campaigns

  • Advanced analytics

  • 3 3rd party integrations

  • 5,000 connections monthly per location (additional connections if desired - USD$0.0119 per connection)

  • Unlimited rating campaigns

  • Unlimited display campaigns and banners

  • Schedule campaigns by date range, day of week, time of day

You can always add more locations with the Premium plan (see our pricing table on our website) and you will only pay for those additional locations.

For additional code stacking (up to 5 in total). Remember the stacking is done by buying the codes and sending them over to [email protected] requesting for the codes to be stacked.

Codes Stacked
New details (overriding the 1 Code plan)
2 Codes Stacked6 locations
3 Codes Stacked9 locations
4 Codes Stacked12 locations
5 Codes Stacked15 locations

Any suggestion? Drop us an email [email protected] - Sumo-lings are our VIP customers and your feedback is always greatly appreciated! 

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