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Setup your Huawei CloudCampus AP's to work with our Marketing Captive Portal Solution.

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Log in to your Huawei CloudCampus (Agile) web interface. At the top, click on Configuration > Device Group Configuration.

Click on your chosen Device Group to be taken to the settings page. On the left, click Advanced Configuration > SSID and click Create. Configure with:

  • Name: Guest WiFi (or whatever SSID name you wish)
  • Working status: On
  • Effective radio: 2.4/5G
  • Network connection mode: NAT

Click Next and configure with:

  • Authentication mode: Open network
  • Push pages: On
  • Page pusher: Third-party authentication (indirect mode)
  • Certified billing: On
  • RADIUS Server: click Select Template > Create and set:

- Name: aiwifi
- Master authentication server address:

- Master authentication server port: 1812
- Backup authentication server address

- Backup authentication server port: 1812
- Master accounting server address

- Master accounting server port: 1813
- Backup accounting server address

- Backup accounting server port: 1813
- Key: **request to [email protected]**
- Confirm key: **request to [email protected]**

Click OK to save.

Default permit rule: click Select Template > Create and set:

Name: guest
ACL Number: 6000 (or an available ACL slot on your controller)
Rule List: Click Create and add:

Rule Type: domain


Click Submit to add the rule.

Next, add the following domains in the same way as above:

Click Next and then OK to save.

Next, click Portal Page Pushing Rule on the left menu, then click Create. Configure with:

  • Name: Aiwifi
  • SSID: Guest WiFi (or whatever SSID name you chose)
  • Page Push Setting authentication mode: Third-party authentication
  • The URL of the third-party authentication:

Click OK to save.

Select Huawei brand with Cloudcampus as the Model on your Aiwifi Dashboard.

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