TP-Link Omada Controller

Setup your captive portal with Omada Controller (Software) and Omada OC200 Controller


The controller version tested: 4.4.6 

Model: OC200 1.0

Firmware Version: 1.9.4 (You can download it here:->

To correctly integrate the Omada TP-Link controller with the Solution, it is necessary that the controller:

  • is connected to the Internet
  • is reachable on the network
  • correctly assigns IP addresses to access points
  • has both the management port and service port correctly set

Wireless Network setup

Click Wireless Network from the bottom menu then click Add. Configure with:

  • SSID: Guest WiFi (or the SSID of your preference)
  • Band: 2.4GHz and 5GHz
  • Guest Network: Enabled
  • Security Mode:  None

RADIUS Configuration

On the Site Settings section, select the Authentication tab and configure the Radius Profile with:

  • RADIUS Server IP:
  • RADIUS Port: 1812
  • RADIUS Password: (this value is communicated by Aiwifi - privately)
  • RADIUS Accounting: Enable
  • Interim Update: Enable
  • Interim Update: 120
  • Accounting Server IP:
  • Accounting Server Port: 1813
  • Accounting Server Password: (this value is communicated by Aiwifi - privately)


Guest Portal Configuration

On the Site Settings section, select the Authentication tab and configure with:

  • SSID & Network: select the SSID you just created
  • Authentication Type: External RADIUS Server
  • Authentication Timeout: 8 Hour
  • Radius Profile: select the Radius profile you just created
  • NAS ID: TP-Link
  • Authentication Mode: PAP
  • Portal Customization: External Web Portal
  • External Web Portal URL:
  • Landing Page: (or the redirection page of your preference)


Walled Garden

In the same section, enable Pre-authentication Access, and then add the Aiwifi domains listed below and the public IP of your Controller.

HTTPS Certificate


In case you are experiencing an error while logging into the wifi network, you might need to upload an SSL certificate in order to make the controller work properly.

You can find the certificate and download it in this link and upload it on the Controller section under the HTTPS Certificate box:

Keystore Password: aiwifi

Private Key Password: **blank**