OpenMesh Cloudtrax

OpenMesh Cloudtrax Setup Guide

In order to correctly integrate an Open-Mesh Access Point with the Solution, it is necessary that:

  • the device is connected to the Internet
  • WAN and LAN interfaces are correctly configured

It is recommended to update your device firmware to the last available version.
You may choose to configure the device to automatically receive and install last firmware updates.

Accessing the UI

Please allow access to the device through the web interface


1. On the left menu, go to the option Configure and select the SSID you selected for the captive portal. 

2. Configure the basic parameters according to your preference:

3. On the Splash page configuration section Select:

- Splash page type: Hosted remotely

- Splash page URL:

- Splash page secret: (keep blank)

3. On the Splash page authentication section select:

- Splash page authentication type: Radius

- Server address 1:

- Server secret: ********* ([email protected] will provide)

- NAS ID: myNas

- Use MAC addr for password: Disabled

- Failed Authentication Block:

-- Blocked after: 5 invalid attempts.

4. Bellow the configuration shown on step 3, enable: Block unauthenticated users 

5. On the walled garden field type the following list:

It should look something like the following:

6. Once you finish configuring the access point, go back to your Aiwifi platform ( and add the Access Point as instructed on the following article: Add a new Access Point