Aruba Instant On

configuración del equipo aruba para uso del portal cautivo aiwifi

Login into your Aruba InstantOn Dashboard (you can also do it by using the Aruba InstantOn App.·

Once logged in, you'll see your dashboard. Click on the Networks section (top left box)

You will find a + Add button, click it.

You can configure the Network name, select Guest on network type, and Portal on the security section

Save the network. You'll find a Customize Guest Captive Portal  link at the bottom. Click it.

Add the following parameters:

Portal Type: 


Server URL:

Redirection URL: 

Whatever url you want to forward your guest to when successfully connected

Allowed Domains:

Accounting RADIUS:  


Primary RADIUS server :

Primary  RADIUS secret:  

*********** (request to [email protected])

Secondary RADIUS server


Secondary RADIUS server:

Secondary  RADIUS secret: 

*********** (solicitar a [email protected])

Save the configuration and test your settings. 

Remember you still have to setup your access point and add it to a location on your Aiwifi Dashboard.